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A wonderful place!!!!  Had a great time and hope to be back.

The B.
Rock Hill, SC


Everything was great!  The food, the surroundings etc.  Top of the line!  Felt relaxed and at home, nice break from the island.  We will be back!

The B.
Hilton Head Island, SC


We joined our friends the Lodges of Albany, Georgia for a memorable dining experience at Harold’s Country Club.  We understand that they had their own special experience kayaking today with a trio of juvenile Baptists.  These being of the dunking variety.  Phil being Episcopalian proceeded to christen them.  Fun was had by all.  The food situation here is very interesting with all sorts of goodies materializing as if by magic.  We slept soundly to the sound of millions of crickets.  Breakfast materialized at 9:00 am and after that a chicken lunch and a tour of Knowles Island.  We went kayaking and I was baptized.  Bill saved me and other than my budatacksas being wet no one was worse for the wear.  A fun time was had by all.  Judy and Bill Terry, Steve, April and Em made the trip special.

J. & J. G.
Hilton Head Island, SC


We ad a wonderful time!  So relaxing, the food was terrific and the kayaking was a lot of fun. Hope to return again soon.  Thank you!

C. B. Quiz Team
Simpsonville, SC


I really loved staying here for two days.  It was an excellent place to “unwind” after (the bulk of) the CCFP-cross cultural field program trip.  Clean, peaceful; beautifully and modestly decorated.  We all loved the kitchen - so well equipped.  Staying here was a real treat.  Thank you kindly for your wonderful warm hospitality.  We sincerely appreciate it.  We kind of hate to leave this charming cottage.  Thank you again.

R.-M. B.
Environmental Studies Student


Dear Judy and the Palm Key Crew:

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great opportunity to visit Palm Key.  Your willingness to have us back is a promising sign that we have been well behaved or it is a sure sign of craziness!  Either way we are grateful to have such a wonderful friendship with you, and to have a chance to visit such a wonderful place.  It truly is a slice of heaven
Thank you,



Fifty years ago Charles and Gwendolyn Hunt were married in Brunswick, GA.  During the next dozen years, they had two daughters and one son.  For their 59th Wedding Anniversary they requested no party.  While considering other ways to celebrate, Gwen suggested that she would like her children and grand children to all spend a weekend together.  We found a wonderful, place to do just that, Palm Key. 

This is a beautiful place with the most gracious of hosts.  We all had a wonderful marvelous weekend and everyone was pleased.  Those in attendance are: 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hunt (Gwendolyn), Mr. & Mrs. Charles McManus (Heidi),
Mr. & Mrs. John Wayne Purvis (Linda), Ms. Angela Wilkerson and Hannah Thorne, Hunter Thorne, Lauran McManus, Hayley Purvis, Emily Rogers, Skip Rogers, Robert Purvis, Andrew (Scoter) Purvis.

Maybe we will do this again in 25 years for the 75th.

L. P.  


We were here to celebrate the wedding of L. and H. D.  Good luck L. and H.!!


A wonderful stay in excellent accommodations!  Good food, fine hosts and a super Elderhostel program.

The K. from Connecticut


Wonderful time!  Kayaked seven miles today and ate at Harold’s tonight.  We’ll be back.

T. and D.


Had a great time.  We enjoyed Beaufort and we’re going to the beach lighthouse at Hunting Island.  Thanks for providing such a lovely cottage.

C., P., S., M., L.

Palm Key

We have had a wonderful stay here this weekend.  I can’t imagine a better way to spend my birthday than a get-away filled with fun!  Kayaking was just wonderful, the food was just great.  We’ll never forget this great time!

Thanks so much!

P. & T. P.


A wonderful little get-away not to far from home.  We had a very relaxing and fun stay.

D. & S. C.


Very nice and relaxing.  We enjoyed our stay here very much.  It was a very nice place to spend our 14th wedding anniversary.

A. & B. P.
Tillman, SC


Being away from this delightful Palm Key for two years and seeing the positive progress fills me with glee.  This time away from R.I. has been great.  Being with my friends the Riggs and their wonderful friends etc. is the best!  Looking forward to late May visit again.




This was a lovely weekend!  Palm Key is a delightful place to get in touch with the natural aspects of the low country.  I’ve grown up coming to the coast but never experienced it the way you do in a Kayak keeping time by the tides and enjoying the bountiful harvest from the sea (oysters and shrimp) makes you feel close to nature.  Judy & Em were wonderful hosts making sure the time here was fun filled – but relaxing.  I am looking forward to another trip and maybe another chance to see the dolphins.

S. S.


A place to be!  Check in with nature to appreciate what life is all about.
Thank you for Palm Key. 

G. & L. M.


What a find.  Palm Key is as close to heaven as I can imagine.  Forever marsh, exquisite life oaks, wonderful company and food.  Our first kayaking experience – a dream come true

Many thanks, we’ll be back!
T. & D. M.  

Thank you for the sweet “Southern Hospitality”.  We have found a new home to visit.  Thanks to your expertise and the nats we got Michel into the river.  It was a blessing to have found you and we intend to return for many blessings to come.

A. & M. M.
LosAngeles, CA


This place will always be a part of my life.  It’s so lovely!

S. S. H.

We had a wonderful low country weekend and enjoyed thinking about the future here!

B. and W. W.
Columbia, SC


We had a great time here, all to ourselves!  It was nice, peaceful and quiet, - just what we needed. 
We explored the surrounding marshes and had a fantastic time kayaking.
It rocked.  We also had fun exploring Hilton Head Island and the surrounding countryside.  We are on our vacation from Savannah upward toward Charleston, dropping off for lodging at Fripp Island and Harbor Island before we go to Charleston.  It was very laid back and we certainly appreciated the hospitality and hope to return another day.

R. H. and D. G. 


What a wonderful lovely place to spend a 50th Year Anniversary together, so quiet so peaceful, so beautiful.  I hope we make it another 50 years, but come back before that.  As Angel is recovering from her open heart surgery and I am contemplating the putting in of a pace maker, the quite peaceful surrounding are just what we needed.  Family all around in other cottages, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren here with us.  Last night the family silly bug came out with a very nice seafood supper and a fire in back of the owner’s house with songs I haven’t heard in years.  I would say this is a 50th Anniversary I will never want to forget. 

Judy and Em are very gracious hosts and fit in like one of the family.  Thank you for the wonderful “Southern  Hospitality”.  May you always be the hostest with the mostest. 

Thanks again! 

A. and C. H.


Many thanks to our friend Robert Seven – the designer of the shell labyrinth out back – for telling us about Palm Key.  We enjoyed meeting Judy & Em.  We fell in love with the land and homes here.

E. (J.) M.
Ashville, NC


The gypsy’s know my future but the angels know my past and we are all joined here in cabin 27 tonight.  Judy took us on a magical kayak tour of a full-moon tide and the marsh smelled of renewal while the river handed back the reflective stars and said “I can do better when I want.”  She is truly the Princess of  Tides. 

J. M.  


Judy & EM:  What can I say?  So much love and nuturing.  What an experience.  I so appreciate what you have done here and I am so glade to be a part of the family.  I look forward to my return.

D. S.

What a great escape from reality.  Just what we needed, a great way to celebrate being and than a year older. 

Thank you and keep up the good work.

W. S.
Mount Pleasant, SC


I brought a special person to a special place – again memories have been made at Palm Key as when I previously visited – this time I shared it with Jim.

The sun rises over the marsh and sets beyond the trees to the west – the South Carolina Low Country keeps calling me back.

E. M. H.
Ponte Vera Beach, Florida

This has truly been something special for me.  Keep up these standards and personalities to match and this will bring therapy and joy to many that follow! 
Thank you so much for the hospitality, may your lives be filled with good heath, love and laughter!  Hope to see you soon!

J. L.
Atlantic Beach, Florida


The Colvin – Watt Thanksgiving Reunion Celebration at Palm Key was the greatest!  Your gracious hospitality, facilities and activities are well planned and first class.
What an awesome location and your environment is spell binding for what you are doing with it.  Don’t I wish we had one in California!

The host with the most!  Our heartfelt thanks for making our stay so special.

M. and T. C.


Thanks Palm Key for a wonderfully peaceful and blissful stay.  From the natural beauty of the low country to the most comfortable amenities made for a truly memorable stay.

Thank you, C. and A.

God touched us at Palm Key through the kindness of people (Judy, Brad, Max and Mary Earl & Greg). The low country is majesty of his creation.  Calvin 27 is awesome.  Enjoyed the wishing wreath, the poor man’s stained glass and best of all the LABYRINTH.  We’re hoping the energy from the labyrinth helped Daniel and I access the energy of creation.  Especially, I have prayed for Daniel’s healing!  A mysterious couple showed up and left in 45 minutes.  Charlotte told me to look up the Chinese healing Reiki.  God Bless

D. and J.


A birthday getaway weekend for Georgia turned into so much more!  So many treasures – the art, literature and natural setting couldn’t compare with the warmth and kindness of our hosts!  We truly forgot all of our cares and hated to go back to reality.  We will definitely be back for peace and quiet as well as the many opportunities to learn something new! 

Continued success with your development of Palm Key Judy and Emil. 
Thank you for everything.  Hope to see you soon!  Sincerely,

P. & G., Augusta, Ga.


Palm Key provides the “easy going” theme through its gracious hosts and natural beauty.  The lack of television and phones initiates the art of conversation and the commune with Palm Key’s natural wonder.  It has been a wonderful experience away from the “Rat Race”.  Palm Key is a world all of its own.  For those who have experienced it they leave with a whisper from the earth and for those who haven’t experienced Palm Key there is only a wish for them.  Thank you for the hospitality and special attentiveness.  We wish you all the best in your future endeavors! 

P. L. & S. B., Greenville, SC


Palm Key as been a marvelous “get away” experience for us.  The food and company have been great and the cottage offers everything you want and need.  From the “Fiddler Crabs” to the Spanish Moss, from boating in the marsh to seeing the heron nesting in the rookery, this has been a true Low Country experience which shall be remembered, and savored, for years to come.

J. & B. S., Steadman, SC.


A lovely break away from our normal lives.  The absence of a TV makes a real difference in one’s sanity!

T. & A. Z., Savannah, GA


Very comfortable and enjoyable.  We’ll be back.

B. & L. Y.


Gorgeous kayaking.  Quiet night  - perfect anniversary.



Very comfortable.  Always enjoy retreating here.

H. W.


More than we expected expected.  View and birds were great.

D. & J.


Wow – great to be back.  It was so relaxing and so much to do.  The pottery is a great new activity, kayaking great as always.  Hiking and the raccoons were fun of course, and the birds and crabbing.



Very nice.  We may move here.

H. and R.


Wow, an amazing place.  Everything was wonderful.

Thank you - A. K.


Thanks for the beauty, rest, labyrinth, birds and land – wonderful!  Peace, gentle retreat.

J. R. – S.
Woodland, Washington

It’s like coming home  . .  always so peaceful and spiritual.  Thank you for sharing.

S. B., Daniel Island


It’s been wonderful here the cottage is so homey the outdoors is down home, and the peace and quiet is awesome.  We could just stay here, this place could become a Habit we long for. 

I have gotten some great ideas for decorating my new home, it’s all about comfort.  We hate to leave so soon, but if God’s willing we will be back!!  We will be a walking billboard for Palm Key.


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